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Check Out These Amazing North East Etsy Sellers

The North East is home to some incredibly creative individuals who definitely deserve a mention. Here at Listed, we adore shopping local and would love to name hundreds of wonderful crafters in the region. However, we only have space for a few talented makers in this list, so we’ve chosen a few that we think you’ll love.

The pandemic has meant that small businesses need your support more than ever, so whether you’re after a gorgeous wall hanging, a beautifully designed greeting card, or a lovely natural skincare product, we’ve got you covered with these fantastic Etsy sellers.


EmBr Studio

Led by the lovely Emma Bradshaw, this Newcastle-based online store sells the perfect handmade textiles. For years, Emma dreamed of opening an Etsy shop and finally found the time while furloughed during the pandemic. Having previously studied Weave at university and worked as a design manager, Emma now creates hand-woven wall hangings and digitally designed prints and coasters. She told Listed that she uses natural fibres for her products and enjoys playing with colour and pattern, bringing both texture (and fun!) to customers’ homes.

Check out Emma’s Etsy and website.  



The Bare Essentials Northumberland

This natural, vegan and eco-friendly skincare brand is definitely worth checking out. Jane, the owner, set up her Etsy shop two years ago but has been running her business for around four. She decided to set it up after running into difficulties finding a reasonably priced and environmentally friendly lotion suitable for her daughter’s sensitive skin. She now creates beautifully shaped bath melts, lotion bars, scrubs and body butter that are appropriate for every skin type, preventing the worry many experience when shopping for skincare products. All her items also arrive in beautiful, eco-friendly packaging.

Browse Jane’s Etsy.




With products for almost every occasion, Sarah Lou, from Newcastle, has got you covered. She set up MerPinz in 2019 and told Listed that she was inspired by her love of pins and being a parent. Her store hosts a wide range of items, including enamel pins, mugs, stickers, keychains and prints. There are so many products that at least a few are bound to catch your eye. Sarah specialises in creating pins, which all include beautiful quotes and illustrations. All her items cover important topics such as mental health, motherhood and empowerment.

Take a look at Sarah’s Etsy.



Rebecca Ridley Ceramics

Rebecca’s studio is based in the centre of Newcastle and, as a keen maker, she loves to create items that people can proudly display in their kitchens, gardens and in other areas of the home. Rebecca started her business two years ago and says that she enjoys “the freedom of creating Ceramics in a fluid way, designing as I make with the aim to create charming objects.” She sells a variety of handmade mugs, plates, vases, trinket dishes, candles, hanging plant pots and bowls. It’s 100% worth checking out her Jewellery, too. With a selection of neatly crafted earrings, they might just be the perfect addition to your Jewellery box.

Browse Rebecca’s Etsy and her website.



Lauren Young Illustration

Lauren sells a range of beautiful illustrations, which she started as a side hobby after studying illustration and design at university, slowly progressing into a full-time business. From detailed floral patterns to incredible animal pictures, it’s clear that she dedicates the majority of her time to ensuring they are done perfectly. Her eco-friendly, plantable cards are inspired by the Northumberland and Durham countryside, which are some of the prettiest parts of the country. Her other products include cushions, oven gloves, aga toppings and coasters.

Browse her Etsy and website.


We can’t wait to get our hands on these wonderful Etsy items. Whether it’s an online or in-person store; let us know which North East businesses you shop at (we’d love to know!)

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