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Derwent Candles: The County Durham Business Helping You Feel Cosy This Autumn

Fancy a cosy night in? Our favourite part of autumn is relaxing with a candle nearby and, this year, we’re spoilt for choice. Back in January, Caroline Wilson launched the luxury, vegan-friendly candle company, Derwent Candles, inspired by the mighty River Derwent.

If your landlord doesn’t allow candles, don’t worry! Caroline has come well prepared, offering a range of beautifully scented reed diffusers. Oh, and did we mention that her County Durham based business is environmentally friendly, too? Her products arrive in recyclable packaging and are plastic-free. She definitely knows the recipe for success.

If there’s a birthday around the corner and you’re looking to send something meaningful, it might be a good idea to check out the personalised candles on Caroline’s website. She also sells star-shaped wax melts; an essential addition to a relaxing evening at home.

When did you first start making candles at home and how did you learn to make them?

CW – I started making scented candles in October 2020 during the pandemic whilst working from home for the NHS. I watched YouTube videos on how to make them and joined social media groups to learn and ask for help and guidance. I got candle-making supplies for my birthday and practiced every night.





What inspired you to set up your own business and what’s your favourite bit about making your products?

CW – I like being my own boss, having the chance to be more creative and doing what I’m interested in by turning my hobby into a profitable business. I love everything about candle making apart from the cleaning up – it’s very messy! My favourite thing is experimenting with fragrance oils and designing my photos, logos and website.





What scents tend to be the most popular with customers?

CW – The scents that have been the most popular are:


La Vie Est Belle

Eucalyptus, Lemongrass & Orange Peel

English Pear & Freesia

Blood Orange & Goji Berries

Bora Bora



What advice would you have for those thinking about setting up a candle business?

CW – If you’re thinking of starting a candle business, be prepared for how expensive it is with start-up costs, such as candle supplies, setting up your website and marketing. There’s a lot of competition on the market so you need to think outside the box and make your business stand out.






What are your top tips on using social media to attract more customers?

CW – Social media is very important, particularly when starting a new business. I try to post daily on social media with new products, offers and competitions. I follow others and I’ve been working on trying to get as many followers as possible. I also pay for advertising in my posts so that it targets a bigger audience to boost sales.   





There’s nothing we love more about autumn than relaxing with a lovely scented candle. If you want to find out more about Caroline’s products, check out her Facebook and Instagram.

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