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Lauren Young Illustration: the local creator you NEED to know

At only 23, Lauren Young has her work stocked in over 30 stores.

Her environmentally friendly collections consists of items such as Greetings Cards, Seeded Cards, Homeware, Pet Portraits and more- with each featuring her unique designs.

“Influenced by the County Durham and Northumberland countryside Lauren’s illustrations are vibrant, full of colour and detailed. Whether you’re looking for Greetings cards , pet portraits, personalised prints or bespoke wedding stationery Lauren’s work will brighten up your day with a creative touch.”  


We got to sit down with Lauren in her Consett studio.

With her adorable border collie Jasper, Lauren told us about how she founded her business, her inspirations, and where you can find her stunning products for yourself.

How long have you been running Lauren Young Illustration and what inspired you to start?

LY: I’ve been running it for around 2 years and it was kind of an accident! So, I went back to uni to do a masters and I did 2 weeks of my masters before realising that over the summer I’d been doing a lot of commission work. I hadn’t even realised that I’d started a business. It was an accident- a good accident!

So you were taking commissions to the point of a full time job?

LY: Yeah basically. I started designing cards and then everything else! I didn’t finish my masters- I did 2 weeks and then the enterprise team at [Sunderland] uni asked me to come on their grad scheme.

What was the grad scheme?

LY: They give business support and help you set up as self employed. It was really helpful! I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing if I hadn’t done it. It’s called Enterprise Place and they give students or graduates start up skills and courses. They would be on things like tax, how to be self employed, social media courses- stuff like that. You could apply for funding through them as well to help start your business.

I love being in the countryside. I would like the countryside to stay the countryside!

Wow that’s brilliant!
One thing you say on your website is that you’re inspired by the County Durham and Northumberland countryside. What is it that draws you to it?

LY: Well I spend most of my spare time in the middle of nowhere on a horse. I get to go places that a lot of people don’t get to go. I don’t just go somewhere and think ‘oh, I’m just going to paint them trees,’ it’s taking the colours, coming back and being inspired to do something. It’s the background to everything I do really. If I’m not chill and haven’t spend time outdoors I don’t work as well.

Why is it so important to you to run an environmentally friendly business?

LY: I just think that if our generation don’t do it, then who’s going to start? As I said, I love being in the countryside. I would like the countryside to stay the countryside!

You also mention that you only buy from British suppliers, why do you do this?

LY: I think it’s important that we back the British economy and put money back into ourselves. Also, for the environment! If I can get something from this country, it’s better than having all the air miles behind it.

How would you describe your specific art style?

LY: I don’t know! *Lauren laughs* I have my own style. It’s quite free flowing and I like making things looks realistic- like the hair on my pheasant design. I like making it look like the thing but I also like adding flicks and embellishments.

What is your favourite out of everything you’ve created?

LY: People love my Seed Cards! They like the idea of being able to grow wildflowers out of them. But, I think I’m probably most proud of my kitchenware! I only have the fox and bees but before Christmas I’ll have my sheep design on them too.

Besides your website and Etsy, where can people find your products?

I’m currently stocked in about 30 different shops and at some upcoming markets too!
I’m actually having an Open Studio here on the 4th of December where people can come up, have a drink and a cake, and chat. They can come and view my work in person. It’s like a little pop-up in the studio!

If you’re wanting to check out any of Lauren’s products for yourself- including her Christmas exclusive Pet Portrait Baubles- then click the link here to check out her ‘Where to Find Me’ page on her website.

We love Lauren Young Illustration’s products! Will they be on your Christmas list this year? Let us know by commenting us or tagging your photos with @lstdnorth on Instagram.

P.S. Studio Assistant Jasper says hi!
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