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An Amala Godess

The Women’s Mentor & Yoga Master Behind the Skincare Brand, Amala Unblemished

Amala Unblemished is an affordable vegan skincare brand, founded by the North East women’s mentor and yoga master, Alison Tuck. She decided to set up the company after suffering from severe acne, which, at times, meant she felt that she couldn’t leave the house. It was only while travelling that Alison discovered how to truly look after her skin, turning to mother nature for the answer. A busy lady, she also runs Divine Goddess Retreats, which hosts a huge variety of workshops, events, yoga and even day retreats. 

We were lucky enough to have the chance to ask Alison some questions, to understand what motivated her to create the skincare brand, to find out which myths about skin need debunking and, of course, how on earth she manages to juggle more than one business!

Start off by telling us a bit about yourself

AT – I really wanted to tell my story to inspire other women that, if you’ve got a vision, if you’ve got a dream, you can make that real and you shouldn’t give up on it. I don’t believe that we’re given a vision or dream that we cannot achieve, I don’t think the universe works like that. Everyone has got the skills and everything else they need, but they can stand in their own way sometimes. I’m going through a transitional period at the moment, which is always difficult because I build lots of little empires. I’m a creator and I am connected with the creator archetype. So, I make a lot of things and then I go, oh, look at everything I’ve created but then I think, oh my god, it’s too much, and then I run away! Now I’ve done this so many times, I look at it now, like, ‘what have I created, and what actually benefits me?’

Alison wanted to make sure that the values of her businesses lined up with her own, which is why she feels it’s important to re-evaluate what she has made and what works. At the moment, Alison wants to focus on her future ambitions for the Amala Unblemished brand.

Now tell us a bit about what you do and what your plans are for the brand

AT – I’m going to be focusing more on the future of Amala Unblemished because natural skincare is growing, and we are more conscious of what we’re putting on our skin. We went through a period where we didn’t really care what we put on our skin. We really trusted the industry, like with five a day, we trusted that it was healthy, just because it had a good label on it. But now, given what we’ve been through, we’re starting to ask more questions. We’ve started to turn packets over and ask ourselves ‘what’s in that’ and we are beginning to think more independently, so I believe that natural skincare is going to take off in the future. That’s the direction that I want to go in because it’s not just about skincare, it’s how to create space to take care of yourself. It’s not just about putting creams on your face, but your morning and evening rituals, such as how you get up in the morning and start your day.

Alison encourages people to “encompass the whole package of conscious living” beyond their skin routine. She said this can include how you spend your time, self-neglect, self-care and self-sabotage, and she feels that this is the direction she wants to go in with the brand. 

Amala Unblemished Starter Kit

Do you believe there are any myths that exist within the skincare industry?

AT – There are so many. When I came back to the UK after living abroad, having done six months in Spain and six months in India from when I was 23 until around 30, I had really severe acne. I wouldn’t even leave the apartment. It was all over my face, all down my back, I was really anxious and had depression because of it. Thinking back, I was making such good money in Spain, I used to spend thousands of pounds on skincare. I was using skincare advice by dermatologists and all the high-end brands. There was no money restriction on what I spent on my skin, but nothing worked. So, I started blending my own oils. I actually blended the VIO Moisture Boost, which is an Amala Unblemished product. Once I made an oil solution to cure a rash on my dogs’ belly, and it went down, so then I used it on my face, and it worked! So, I discovered that everything that I was putting on my skin, was not nourishing it at all. The skin is an organ which means it needs nutrition and natural, not man-made, ingredients.

As well as wanting to make something that was in line with her own morals and ethics, it was also Alison’s vision to make Amala Unblemished affordable, to help as many women as possible.

Amala Unblemished VIO Moisture Boost

If you could narrow down either your favourite skincare products or the most popular ones, which ones would you pick?

AT – It would be the VIO Moisture Boost. Of course, all of the products work fantastic together, there’s a step one, two and three, and they do need to be used together to get the most benefits. That’s not even a sales tactic, there’s such a contrast in using one product that’s not natural and then using natural products. But the VIO Moisture Boost is the best discovery I ever made, the product is just simple, easy skincare and people will begin to notice the difference straight away, you don’t have to use it for three weeks before seeing results. People will message me and say that they can’t believe the difference in their skin.

Amala Unblemished Lip Whip

Finally, with owning two businesses, did you find it hard to balance the skincare brand and the retreats you were running at the same time, before lockdown?

AT – No, I was really unaware of what I was doing. I’ve got a really good memory, I can manage a lot of businesses and I wouldn’t say I was stressed or struggled, but I would say that what I want now is different. Because of what we’ve been through in lockdown, I don’t want to work as hard, I want to work smarter. I was used to teaching Yoga, running retreats and Amala Unblemished. I juggled all of it and didn’t realise until I put everything down, that I was doing too much and didn’t leave much time for myself. Even though nothing got compromised, I still worked out, did my skincare routine and still did everything, I wasn’t really enjoying it.

Alison feels that everyone learned valuable lessons during the lockdown and, as she mentioned, how we may have been stressed in our jobs but just didn’t realise until we got the time to step back from the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life. It certainly encouraged Alison to step back and realise that she needed to make a change to her life and how she spends her time. 

We’re now desperate to try Alison’s products, including her cleansers, body polishes, lip creams and more, giving us the self-care fix we need – just check out the Amala Unblemished Facebook and Instagram.

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