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Why People Are Boycotting the Bars

Bars and clubs might have been seeing a significant dip in their number of patrons this week.

It’s all because of the Girl’s Night In campaign.

This isn’t just a night for sleepovers and films, this country wide campaign is in response to the increased number of spiking incidents that have been taking place. People have had enough.

According to the National Police Chief’s Council, there have been 198 confirmed drink-based spiking incidents over September and October, with an additional 56 spiking via injection incidents being reported. The reality of the situation is, these are only the confirmed cases- the real number is likely far higher.

In response to these shocking events, University of Edinburgh student Milly Seaford, along with her fed-up peers, organised the boycott campaign in their city- and from there is grew to be UK wide. In an interview with The Guardian, Seaford summed up the feelings of many women when she said, “We just want to enjoy a night out and we know there’s stuff that can be done to prevent this.”

So, what are the goals of this campaign?

The boycott campaign is calling for bars and nightclubs to up their safety measures. This includes rigorous searches upon entry, drinks covers, and wellbeing training for staff, so that they can effectively look after the vulnerable/those affected.

Durham’s campaign already took place on Tuesday, but if you are based in Newcastle, you can still take part in the campaign tonight by hosting/attending your very own Girl’s Night In (P.S. It isn’t just for girls!).

We just want to enjoy a night out and we know there’s stuff that can be done to prevent this.

In the North East, some venues have already started taking the steps to increase safety for their patrons.

Newcastle’s student favourite Market Shaker are providing free drinks covers that you can get from the bar to help protect your drinks and Soho Rooms have said that they will be placing plain clothes staff on the floor to observe any potential risks, as well as conducting random searches.

We at LSTD support all those taking part in the Girl’s Night In Campaign and believe that everyone should be able to experience and enjoy their night outs safely.

Are you taking part in tonight’s club boycott in Newcastle? Send us photos of you and your friends or tag us at @lstdnorth to get your squad on our stories.

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