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New Restaurant Khai Khai Opens It’s Quayside Doors


High expectations were set and completely met, as Khai Khai opened their quayside doors for the first time last week. After the success of their sister restaurants Dabbawal, Khai Khai parallels in the quality and freshness to every dish, however, features a completely unique menu, based on traditional methods of cooking with fire and smoke. The venue is beautifully designed, minimal and contemporary. Carefully thought out touches in design; with golden hanging plants, beautiful serving dishes and pots and printed paper linings of dishes with traditional drawings, elevate the spectacle of the food.

With locally sourced and organic produce, Khai Khai’s dishes are rooted in India and further shaped by the passion of UK suppliers.



Fresh Ingredients

Khai Khai’s menu has been designed by Michelin Star chef Alfred Prasad (who has worked with Gordon Ramsey), and the kitchen was overseen in the week leading up to Khai Khai’s opening, by his talented and contemporary vision.


The menu has many vegan and plant-based options, such as the vegetarian Chickpeas Chaat and vegan Onion and Samphire Bhaji. Both were irresistibly delicious, with the Bhaji’s very quickly being tucked into before we could even take a picture!



Punchy, spicy and smoky

What we love about Khai Khai is the fresh and full flavour to the food, without dishes ever feeling too heavy.


Dishes are prepared over hot stones, coals and woodfires, in josper coal ovens and the age-old tandoor oven. We opted for the Old Delhi Butter Chicken, Chicken Pepper Roast and Dum Gosht Biryani with boneless pieces of lamb. Comforting food that packs a punch – we can’t wait to sample the rest of the menu!



Why Not Try A Cocktail?

Khai Khai’s menu boasts a range of specialty cocktails, featuring delicate fruity and smokey flavours.


The Opposites Attract smokey sipping cocktail, (made to share between two), was a unique and refreshing take on what is typically expected from a cocktail. The drink is designed to be enjoyed by taking a sip from both the strawberry and passion fruit concoctions, allowing the flavours to mingle.



Where to find them

Khai Khai can be found on 29 Queen Street, just off Newcastle’s beautiful Quayside. Perfect for a lunchtime treat during a day out in town, or enjoyed on an evening followed by a night-time quayside stroll.


Can’t wait to see what the flavourful fuss is about? Head to their Website to book a table or check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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