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The Magic Hat Cafe – A Zero Waste


The Magic Hat Cafe in the city centre of Newcastle, is a remarkable cafe that turns surplus food, destined for landfill, into delicious and exciting meals. Sparking both inspiration and the taste buds of it’s customers, The Magic Hat shows how food can be transformed through care and attention – and the importance of not throwing away food, that still has so much good to do.

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, we’re looking at businesses such as these, to lead the way forward in challenging our perceptions of what is waste, and showing us new ways of approaching our consumption.



The Cafe

The Magic Hat sources and saves surplus food from supermarkets, and receives donations from other organisations and restaurants, that would have previously been destined for landfill. Still perfectly delicious, the ingredients are turned into innovative and delicious, colourful meals, with menus frequently changing depending on the produce. This adds to the excitement and intrigue, as the flavours and creations are always different.


The Shop

There is an additional pop-up market, ran on a pay-as-you-feel basis, which allows you to take fresh ingredients home, to create your own sumptuous and sustainable spreads. Their website also offers a £15 ‘Magic Hamper’, which brings a surprise selection of goods to your door! Choose from a ‘Regular, Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-Free’ hamper, depending on your tastes.


Food For Thought

On the weekend, there is the option to ‘Pay-As-You-Feel’, meaning you can pay whatever you feel the meal is worth. Putting your own personal value on the food makes this restaurant accessible for people with any budget. Or why not pay through volunteering your time and skills? The beauty of The Magic Hat, is they have a strong aim to reach as many people as possible with their message, no one is left out!



Pop Ups and Events

The Magic Hat can be hired out for a range of private events and parties, with catering services naturally following their zero-waste, rescued food principle. This offers a unique experience to guests, for both great service and something a bit different from the norm.

Want to pay The Magic Hat a visit? Head over to their Facebook and Instagram for weekly menus and event info, or check out their Website for more on the work they do!

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