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Magnificent Views at Landal, Kielder Waterside

Imagine if there was somewhere like Center Parcs right here in the North East, wouldn’t that be great?

Oh wait.. there is!

We recently took a four-day trip to Landal, Kielder Waterside in Northumberland. There were a number of places to eat and a whole host of indoor and outdoor activities. Overall, we had a fantastic experience, with plenty to see and do. And, since it was nearly Halloween, we managed to squeeze in the time on our busy schedule to carve pumpkins!

The Lodges

At the park, there are many lodges on offer. We chose to stay at Cheviot Spa and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The hut-style lodge blended in well with the natural scenery. And, since we stayed at one of the larger accommodations, it came with both an upstairs and downstairs, as well as a garden with a hot tub to chill out and unwind in. Perfect!

Cheviot Spa

The Garden & Inside The Lodge

It was a hard decision, but the garden was definitely the best part, with a chimenea that’s perfect for toasting marshmallows to a hot tub that lights up in different colours and overlooks the forest. As you can imagine, we made the absolute most of these.

The chairs and chimenea on the patio

Downstairs, there were three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Since it’s getting chillier (can you believe we’re at the start of November?!) you’d be pleased to know each room had a heater. And the bathroom came with shampoo, shower gels, soap and towels, so don’t worry about bringing these. Use the spare room in your case for an extra outfit or two!

Upstairs, there was a living room and kitchen area, so the lodge really had everything we could possibly need. And, we can confirm that the now tried-and-tested sofas were very comfy. We also got crafty, carving some spooky pumpkins on the large dining room table.

The living room (complete with very comfy sofas)


Near the waterside, there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied. From tomahawk throwing and archery to segways and mini-golf, it’s best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. While there, we did tomahawk throwing, mini-golf, swimming and boating.

Picturesque views from the forest

We couldn’t pick a favourite, but we’ll give you a quick run through each. So, the tomahawk throwing is based further into the forest. But, the walk there was very scenic. And, thankfully, we did a practice round before choosing teams and getting competitive!

Tomahawk throwing

The swimming, mini-golf and boating were all in the main area. Swimming was first on the agenda and we were impressed with the sparkling clean facilities. We absolutely loved the sauna and sunbeds by the pool. In total, we had a 45-minute slot.

Next, the mini-golf. We loved this but couldn’t figure out where to start until we realised it was set out like a map of the park. Pretty clever, right? Although tricky, mini-golf is great fun to practice, so it’s still worth booking.

The final activity was the boat ride and it was great to get more of an up-close view of the mountains. We took turns to steer the boat, which could fit up to five people. And, once we got the hang of it, the steering was fairly straightforward!

Foodie Highlights

During our trip, we were lucky enough to try some mouthwatering food. First, we headed to the Wafflemeister at Tower Knowe, which served a selection of sweet and savory waffles. Having a sweet tooth, we tried the cookies and cream option. And it’s fair to say that we swiftly returned the next day.

Cookies and cream waffle at Wafflemeister, Tower Knowe

On our final night, we decided to check out the Forest Bar & Kitchen. The restaurant was clean and beautifully decorated. There was something to suit everyone on the menu, but the top choice for us was chicken, bacon and mushroom pie. We couldn’t miss out on the chocolate fudge cake for pudding, either. We can’t wait to visit again (hopefully soon!).

Pie, mash and veg at the Forest Bar & Kitchen

On the morning we were due to leave, we treated ourselves to breakfast at The Hide. A great way to end our trip, and we definitely recommend having the Full English. We loved the interiors, too. Of course, we won’t give away too much in case you decide to pay a visit!

Full English Breakfast at The Hide

Walking Routes

The main walking route took us through a woodland area and onto a hill that overlooks the water. It’s ideal for a picnic if you’re thinking of visiting during the summer months but, in the meantime, you might want to bring a flask with you, chill out and soak up the views.

One of our favourite bits about the forest walk was the door installation on the hill. A great idea for your next insta post, saving you from walking around for ages, searching for the right picture.

Other than the forest walk, you can also take a stroll around the lodges, where, if you keep walking up the hill, you’ll find a games room, which is ideal for the colder days.

Fancy paying a visit to Kielder Waterside yourself?

Check out their website.

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