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Museum of the Moon

The moon has always been a source of inspiration…

… for artists, poets, musicians and the like. With it’s bewitching glow and immense power to control the tides- how could you not be moved by it!

“Always remember we are under the same sky, looking at the same moon.”—Maxine Lee

Well… unless you’re looking up at Luke Jerram’s Moon.

How can one man have his own moon? It wasn’t through some evil villain scheme (Sorry Gru!) but through the magic of art.

Despicable Me references are cool, right?

So, What is the Museum of the Moon?

Despite its name, it’s not actually a museum but an art installation by British multidisciplinary artist Luke Jerrram.

Museum of the Moon combines art and science, showing us a scientifically accurate 1:500,000 scale model of the moon, which features detailed imagery of the surface straight from Nasa!

The goal of this piece is to allow us to take in cultural similarities and differences, which will change dependant on where/how it is displayed. Around the world all cultures have their own ways of representing the moon. Many ways are different but we can find a lot of similarities, showing how the moon can bring us together.

Here, it is displayed in a beautiful 9th Century Cathedral, which for us invoked a spiritual experience but if you saw the moon outside in the Greenwich Observatory Gardens in 2017, your experience may have felt more connected to nature.

How Can I See It?

Jerram’s Moon will be in Durham Cathedral until November 12th.

It is free to check out but when you enter the Cathedral, you are suggested to leave a £5 donation which goes towards the general upkeep of the building.

We would definitely recommend walking around the rest of the stunning Cathedral whilst you are there!

Not able to go yourself?

Check out our trip to the Moon on our Instagram!

Have you seen the Museum of the Moon yet?

Tag us in your pics/videos with @lstdnorth for a chance to feature on our socials!

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