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Top 3 Northern Walks to Try This Autumn


Ahh, Autumn. Cool temperatures, hot drinks, beautiful colours…the perfect season for getting out and making the most of nature before it gets too cold! Grab your walking boots and have a read of our top 3 picks for local walks for you to try this autumn. 

High Force
High Force Waterfall, Teesdale

Located in the River Tees stands one of England’s largest waterfalls, High Force, standing at around 22m. Along with being an overall stunning view, High Force has an old history, with the lower sedimentary rocks dating back 330 million years.

If you follow a scenic woodland path leading from the town of Middleton to the North of the river, you will come across this magnificent must-see location. Spray from the waterfall often creates rainbows, so High Force should definitely be added to your list.

Autumn months are an excellent time to visit this splendour, with winter also being a prime time to visit if you want to see the waterfall encased in ice. If you’re lucky, you could also catch the second waterfall that rarely flows!

Continuing downstream, you will come across Low Force waterfall, which is a low cascade into the River Tees.

Hamsterley Forest
Hamsterley Forest, County Durham

On the edge of the Northern Pennines, stands the scenic woodland Hamsterley Forest. With 4 walking trails, 4 cycling trails, 2 horse riding trails, a cafe and a play area, you won’t fall short of things to do in the 2000 hectare forest.

A popular activity at Hamsterley Forest is the Gruffalo Trail, with the aim being to follow the path deep into the woods and find the multiple wooden sculptures from the Julia Donaldson children’s book that are scattered around.

Geocaching is increasing in popularity, which is something that you can take part in at Hamsterley Forest. Geocaching uses GPS technology to locate and find hidden objects, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and take part in a treasure hunt!

After finishing up your long list of activities or whether you just want to take a break, there is an on-site cafe available to sit down and have a cup of tea and a bite to eat.

Hadrian’s Wall
Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland

Possibly one of the most famous heritage sites in the UK is Hadrian’s Wall. It is the longest Roman architectural feature in Britain, being 73-miles long coast to coast from the Solway Firth to Wallsend on the River Tyne. This walk will be a long one, so come prepared!

Originating in AD 122 by the Romans, the wall has a rich history and is a significant part of the UK’s heritage especially in the North.

There are multiple ways to explore the World Heritage Site, from over 20 sites to choose from such as the Housesteads Trail and the Corbridge Trail. A must-see on your visit are the ancient Roman forts, towers and towns that used to watch over the Wall, and the Temple of Mithras.

If you don’t fancy walking the whole trail, the Twice Brewed Inn offers the opportunity to stargaze, with a clear view of the Milky Way and a sky full of stars. Visit their website here.

We hope this list inspired you to go for an autumnal walk. If you visit any of these sites, make sure to tag us in your lovely photos on Instagram! Have an amazing Autumn and safe hiking!

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