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Style By Bella: Bespoke Styling Guaranteed To Change Your Life


Style By Bella is a personal styling service based in the North East, helping people find their own unique look, whether that be with one outfit or a whole new wardrobe.

Originally from Sweden, 28-year-old Bella began her styling journey in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Since moving to the North East six years ago on a whim, she has never looked back, continuing her styling journey in the UK.

Whilst speaking to Bella at Listed, we were lucky enough to gain a first-hand insight into how she started in the fashion industry and she even gave some advice for aspiring fashionistas.

Bella. Photography: Amelia Read
When did you first become interested in fashion?

B – “I have always been interested in fashion, it’s just natural to me. At 12 years old I started experimenting with my own style and noticed how much of an impact it makes on your day-to-day life and well-being! I love the fact that you can customise your style and change it whenever you want to.”

There’s loads of opportunities in fashion, so what in particular attracted you to go down the stylist route?

B – “I love working with people. I think the best part of my job is when I get to meet new people and learn about their life, then I tailor their wardrobe to their needs. Personal styling is not just about outfits, it’s about me bringing out their personality through what they are wearing. I just love seeing my clients get more and more confident after each session!”

Photography: Haley Crone

Bella is a colour and body-shape expert, meaning she is able to find the best colours to compliment you and the perfect clothing styles for your body shape.

As a personal stylist, what does your average weekly schedule look like?

B – “There’s no schedule because no week is the same! One day I will be at someone’s house completing a wardrobe detox and the next I will be hands-on styling in Newcastle shops, so it can get a bit crazy, but it’s so much fun! When I’m not with a client, I am creating inspirational content for my social media accounts.”

Bella offers many services, including a wardrobe detox. The detox includes Bella’s expert opinion on how you can fully optimize your wardrobe, organise your current clothes into categories (such as colour co-ordination), how to utilise accessories to elevate your outfits and more.

Bridal Shoot Styled by Bella. Photography: Hayley Crone
What does your own, personal style look like?

B – “My own, personal style is edgy meets minimalistic! I’m a typical minimalistic Scandinavian but I love pairing feminine items with a pair of edgy boots or trainers.
I also love a good pair of tailored trousers or a blazer that will stand out. I try new things all the time, which I think encourages my clients to do the same!”

Where would you like personal styling to take you in the future?

B – “I want to be able to grow my business so that I can reach and help more people with becoming their best version of themselves. Maybe have my own private studio so people can come and see me there!”

Photography: Amelia Read
Any advice for aspiring stylists? How can they get started?

B – “I have met so many stylists and no one comes from the same background. Some have studied fashion, others have just ended up becoming stylists!”

“First of all, you need to put yourself out there – go on social media and show your work! This can be done by showing off your own outfits, friends/family that you have styled or maybe get together with other creators and start creating inspirational content that you can share with either business or future clients.”

With a dozen positive client testimonials, there’s no doubt you’re in safe hands when it comes to Bella. We’re obsessed and so keen to be styled here at Listed! Check out Bella’s Instagram and website to take a deeper dive into her fashion world, and find out how you can get a whole new wardrobe fitted to you, just for you!

Cover Photo Credit: For You Photography

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