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Tynemouth Surf Co Is Making Waves With Their Merch


Aside from the notable fitness benefits, surfing has been an important outlet for mental health over lockdown. Not to mention, the sport has an appealing look – a cool culture of surfer dudes and babes backed by the sounds of The Beach Boys – making surfing more than just a sport, but a lifestyle too. With each passing year, Tynemouth has become an increasingly celebrated surfing destination, despite the chillier climates.

Voted ‘Best Surf School in the UK for 2017’ at the UK Pro Surf Tour awards, Tynemouth Surf Co offers a range of surf lessons, equipment and board repairs.

Forget Australia and Hawaii; with improvements to wetsuit quality and increased public appreciation for outdoor activities, the surfing scene in the North East is thriving.

A prominent feature of Tynemouth’s surf scene is Tynemouth Surf Co, established in 1995 by surfing legend Stephen Hudson and passed down to his son, Louis Thomas-Hudson. Voted ‘Best Surf School in the UK for 2017’ at the UK Pro Surf Tour awards, Tynemouth Surf Co offers a range of surf lessons, equipment and board repairs.

Situated on Tynemouth’s seafront above a golden stretch of sand (aptly named Longsands beach) the Surf Co is a haven for those who love to ride on the waves. However, it’s the company’s merchandise that we want to highlight here – quickly becoming the trendiest brand to rep at the coast, the store boasts a stylish range of branded hoodies, tees, hats and accessories that will keep you warm in the cool coastal breeze this summer.





Whether you’re a fan of bracing the wild waves at Tynemouth beach or just want to support the local scene, we’re loving the simplistic design and super soft quality of Tynemouth Surf Co’s hoodies. Sure to draw attention outside of the town, who wouldn’t want to proudly represent the coolest surf spot in the North East?




If big logos are not your thing, why not opt for a branded cap or warm beanie to add an edge to your outfit? Beanies have been a blessing during the turbulent months of unpredictable UK weather and we definitely haven’t said goodbye to them on our coastal walks just yet.




Totes are a handy and understatedly cool way to carry around any beach provisions, snacks or speakers without contributing to beach litter or the dreaded single use carrier bags. At only £3, we see no downside to purchasing their stylish and simple tote featuring their logo in an effective black and white design.


Amongst their own branded products, Tynemouth Surf Co feature a range of high quality outerwear suited to the sporty lifestyle, featuring big names such as Patagonia and O’Neill. For the surfers or wild swimmers among us, they additionally sell wetsuits, dry robes and puffer jackets to keep you warm during any coastal activities.

Why not pop along to their shop and support the local scene? Or even have a go at a surf lesson if you fancy braving the beautiful (but notoriously chilly) North Sea!

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